Nantong Leisheng Special Motor Co.,Ltd. is a well-known electric drive system designer and manufacturer. We design and manufacture customer-made electric machines. We are specialized in switched reluctance motor, PM assist synchronous switch reluctance motor, BLDC and PM synchronous motors and drives for various industries including electric vehicle industry.
    Located at Shizhuang, Rugao, a world famous beautiful longevity city of Jiangsu Province, with a five star hotel nearby, Nantong Leisheng has 25,000 square meter modern building with advanced electronic workshop and motor assembly line. We combine research, design and manufacturing together, provide international business partners with free technical consultation, free customer design, free samples and free hard tooling.
    We have a professional research and development team led by scientist and engineers from Europe and United states with more than 30 years experiences in developing advanced electric machines and drives. Our position sensor-less FOC controllers provide super quiet, high efficiency electric machine with maintenance-free service to end users.
    Nantong Leisheng Special Motor Co.,Ltd is born and grown from die casting, precise machining, mold making industry and it is still supported by its sister companies, Nantong Chuanlin Die Casting Technology, Shanghai Chuanlin Precision Parts, and Kushan Chuanlin Plastics by their strong manufacturing power and talent engineers and workers.
    We wave our hands to all our existing and potential business partners----we are so grateful, with a common goal, we are marching together on the road for a greener world.
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